Programs in Progress

When you sign-up for the Caring Forward Study, you may consent to be contacted for current and future studies. If you do so, you may be invited to participate in a program or intervention designed to help you as a caregiver. There are currently two programs that you might be invited to take part in:

The Problem Solving Caregiver Study

  • This study is testing a new program - the Problem Solving Caregiver Program - designed for unpaid caregivers of brain injury survivors

  • This program is completed with support of the Strongest Families Institute which has developed many programs to help individuals who are seeking mental health services

  • The program includes 8 weekly sessions and group-based phone calls with a Strongest Families coach to help you learn positive problem-solving skills for day-to-day life

The 90Second Caregiver Study

  • This study is testing the benefits of a new health letter - the 90Second Caregiver Newsletter

  • Those who are invited to participate would receive a newsletter once a week

  • Each newsletter tackles a subject that is important to caregivers and is meant to help them

Being invited to either study is completely random. This means that no one will know ahead of time if a participant will be invited to take part in these current studies. You can still participate in Caring Forward even if you do not want to take part in either of these studies.